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Outlaw Fields is a theater group which where founded in Copenhagen in 2001 after a common project "La Danza della Fate" in Italy. Outlaw Fields has still their base in Copenhagen, but are collaborating with countries as Sweden, Norway and Italy.

The core of the group is Nina Hansen and Kristina Murdin, actresses, performers and artistic leaders of Outlaw Fields. Massimo Tomasello director and choreograph.

Nina Hansen and Massimo Tomasello met for the first time in a a little mountain village in Tuscany, Italy 1996. They where studying at the Institutet för Scenkonst, and both came from the traditional theatre, searching for something else then the anecdotic and psychological theatre work. They where lacing body and physical present. The work and the new training of the actor created a stronger fracture on their common work. The actor has to be essential and simple, has to search for poetry...

The Institutet för Scenkonst, theatre laboratorium with 30 years of research in the work of the actor. An international meeting point for artists. Founded 1971 in Storhögen/Nyby (Sweden) by Ingemar Lindh (1945-1997).


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