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LaboratoriumThe Actors' lab

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Laboratorium, a pedagogical course

A complete theatre working process, from the phase of making a group to the realization of an ending performance.

Along the process we explore and focus on the basic elements of the theatre communication (the conflict, the text, the characters, the stage, the interpretation, the direction, the performance and the audience), in order to develop the expressive and creative potentialities of the students and of the group, and trough the pedagogy to stimulate a new way of learning where to find the connection between performance, action, passion and result.


Along the project, the student/actor develop a deeper consciousness of its own being as a significant presence, of its imaginative and reactive potentialities in the dynamic of relation with others.

The pedagogue stimulates the creative process trough the theatre as synthesis of all form of arts. The activity of theatre pedagogy is the occasion for further answers; the idealistic place where the freedom of acting eliminate resistance and communicative barriers, creating respect for the collective work.

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