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LaboratoriumThe Actors' lab

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Goals (cont.)

Theatre as a base to discover the passage from a predefined cultural situation to a new and different form of aggregation, using creativity for the development of the human being.

The pedagogue and the student collaborate on a physical, social and psychological contest, time and space the allow them to re find the active listening. The ethic of relation and the self critic awareness.

History of art.
History of theatre mime and dance.

Individual Training
Physical training "the training of the actor", acrobatics, martial arts (Tai-Chi), dance training.
Vocal education: sound, breathing, rhythm singing.

Group Training
Re-discover the spontaneous game.
Experience the potentiality of voice and movements in a social contest.
Group improvisation: the actor's laboratorium, time and space, direction.
Rituality and spontaneity.

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