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Nina Maria Agnete Hansen
Actress, performer and pedagogue

Nina Hansen
Jægerborgsgade 49 st, tv
2200 Kbh. N (Denmark)
Cellphone: +45 26824462
Email: nina@outlawfields.dk

Born: 26.07.72 in Helsingør
Nationality: Danish and Swedish

Nina Hansen is part of a theater group called Resonans in Cph. It's a research group of 10 actors who invite themself to explore the work of the actor and also invite other artists from abroad for artistically meetings and exchange on the working floor. Nina Hansen both in collaboration with Massimo Tomasello and the group Resonans in Denmark design pedagogical seminars and workshops.

1996 University of Theatre "Institutet för Scenkonst", Pontremoli, Italy.
1997-2000 "Cantabile 2, School of Stage Art", Vordingborg, Denmark.
2000 "The University of Theatre", Copenhagen. Denmark.

Performances as an actress, performer and teaching
[1995] -- "Elden och Svarta Gamen" Children performance, Malmoe, Sweden.
-- "Canto libre", Malmoe, Sweden.
[1996] -- "I Had a Dream" by Magdalena Pietruska, Pontremoli, Italy (Institutet för Scenkonst).
[1997] -- "Sonaten och de tre", Jean Tardieu, Theatre Sycorax, Helsingborg, Sweden.
[1998] -- "Tribute to a Marionette", by Nina Hansen, Malmoe, Sweden.
-- "Osmotic View" by Minako Seki, Vordingborg, Denmark.
[1999] -- "Rum med insikt", Boligmesse H99, Helsingborg, Sweden.
[2000] -- "Petra von Kants bittre tårer", by Fassbinder, Outlaw Fields, Santiago, Chile.
-- "A Circular Play", Gertrud Stein, University of Theatre, Copenhagen. Denmark.
-- Teaching in U.N.I.AC University of Theatre, Santiago, Chile.
[2001] -- "La danza delle fate", (a meeting with 3 Choreographers) with Nina Hansen, Kitt Johnson, Sayoko Onishi, Modica, Italy.
-- "Samurionette", Outlaw Fields, Copenhagen, Comedievognen's Broscene, Denmark.
[2002] -- Danish Acting Union Stipendium, For a course with "Institutet för Scenkonst", Sweden.
-- "Dansolution" on Dansescenen in Copenhagen, as choreographer and dancer, Denmark.
-- Teaching in Kunstbageriet, theatre students, Denmark.
[2003] -- Commercial for television. Mantra/Scandvision and Norges turistråd. Directed by Thomas Wilum-Jensen.
-- Teaching theatre in Kunstbageriet and Ørkenfortet, Denmark.
-- "Paradise bird", solo performance. Directed by Magdalena Pietruska, Institutet för Scenkonst, Sweden.


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