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A young geisha denies her status and values, beginning her own revolution against conformism...she tempts the fate following the song of love...an extreme move...the woman is alone now...she meets her destiny without fear.

Samurionette is Outlaw Fields first work on stage. Produced with the support of Kulturministeriet Udviklings fond and København kommunes kulturfond. Samurionette sign the collaboration between Nina Hansen, Morgens Kjempff and Massimo Tomasello. Since premiere, Outlaw Fields has been performing Samurionette in Italy and Denmark.

In the beginning there was only a necessity...long time the idea of a performance.


Nina Hansen first debut as a solo dancer was in 2001 with Samurionette. The critic wrote "A masterpiece on stage, grand bravura, atmosphere, deep emotions..."

Samurionette is the result of a research that Massimo Tomasello and Nina Hansen has been conducting since 1998. Trying to discover the limits between dance-mime and spoken theatre. The text and the plot is inspired by the second act of Giacomo Puccinis opera "Madame Butterfly".

The performance is about fate. "Samurionette" one of many stories, never kept promises. Promises, which destiny is, that they never are kept.

What kind of butterfly alights so gracefully silent that the fury takes me over even if that would break her wings?
From the opera "Madame Butterfly", Puccini- Giacosa

Director and Performer: Nina Hansen
Light-designer: Morgens Kjempff
Live Music Development: Massimo Tomasello
Lenght: 50 min.

For further details write to: administration@outlawfields.dk


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