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Based on the life and the work of the Iranian writer Forugh Farrokhzad, this performance is a co-production between Outlaw Fields and Teatro dell'Argine (Bologna, Italy).

Forugh writes her poems in the time during which Pahlavi's power is at its peak. The decadence of false modernity and fear of any opposing view is so intense that Iran is in absolute darkness. The forces of so called modernity is operating on the one hand, and the fundamentalist forces are on the other. In the midst is the Left, which is entangled within itself and trying to find a way to propagate its agenda; it ends up sending confused messages to the masses, who are desperate for fresh air to breathe. The confused leadership leaves people disillusioned.

In this situation people were looking for poets who expressed themselves rather than chanting slogans, looking for a new language to find a place to feel their sense of dignity, which was crushed by the dictatorial policies of the regime. The poet tackled the subject matters that were impossible to talk about. Her courageous language directly expressed the hidden desires of Iranian women; the emotions and feelings of women who are neglected not only from their physical needs but also their civil human rights.

Somniloquism has been performed in Bologna during the Autumn 2004.


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