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Switch On, Switch Off is a performance which goes to the depths of prostitution. It is an artistic kick off in the topical debate about prostitution and as sex as a commodity.

Performing at Blågårds medborgerhus the 8th of march at 20.00 www.//kranerne.dk/8marts

This is the story of a woman’s way into and out of prostitution, her emotions, frustrations, and about the psychological state. Kristina Murdin and Nina Hansen put their bodies in action and, with help of the Italian instructor Fabrizia Forieri, and the composer Mike H, create a strongly physical, musical and eloquent performance.

It is easy enough to lean back and say that it is fine to sell your body but not as easy to perceive what it in reality it means to sell yourself.

The texts in the performance are inspired by the Brazilian journalist and author Paulo Coelho, the Iranian female poet Forough Farrokhzad, the British psychiatrist R.D. Laing, Kristina Murdin and Nina Hansen. The guidance of author and commentator Odile Poulsen (Hustler - mit liv som luksusprostitueret (2000), Sirenesang - en fortælling om at overleve vanvid (2006)), ensures credibility. Many of the texts in the performance are written by Odile.

Switch On Switch Off will perform the 8th of March at 20.00 at Blågårds Kulturhus in Copenhagen. Performers: Nina Hansen and Kristina Murdin
Director: Fabrizia Forieri
Light-designer: Stine Madsen
Music: Mike H
Lenght: 55 min.

For further details write to: administration@outlawfields.dk


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